Letters and Parcels FAQs

Answers to some of your most common questions

How do I track my parcel?

On your certificate of posting receipt, you’ll find a reference number. If your delivery is being handled by Royal Mail, it’ll be 13 characters, e.g AB123456789GB. If it’s being sent with Parcelforce then the number will be between 9 – 14 characters.

Once you’ve located your reference number, enter it on our Track & Trace page, where you’ll be given all relevant delivery information.

How do I find an address or postcode?

Visit our Postcode Finder page and simply insert the details that you have. Whether it’s just a street name or you only have a postcode, you’ll be shown the full postal address.

You can find more details and information at the following Postcode Finder page.

What's the correct way to address mail?

Take a look at our guide on How To Address Mail for full details on addressing items for the zhptddz.com or abroad.

How does Drop & Go work?

To use the Drop & Go Branch Service, you’ll need to fill out an application form and sign up. You can sign up in any of our participating branches, or to save time, you could download the application form, fill it out, then bring your completed form and ID to your nearest participating branch.

Once you’ve signed up for the Drop & Go Branch service you can top up your Drop & Go card and start using it straight away. Take a look at our Drop & Go page to find out more.

This service has been designed with the needs of high-volume sellers in mind, such as small businesses, eBayers and online sellers.