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Unlimited Broadband

£17 a month

Plus 6 months free weekend call plan (opt-in required).

11Mb/s average download speed. 12-month contract.

Monthly price after 12 months: £30 a month.
Offer ends 31/01/2021. T&Cs apply.

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Already a Post Office Broadband customer?

No broadband data caps or download limits

  • No mid-contract unlimited broadband price rises
  • Includes unlimited broadband and line rental
  • Free calls to other Post Office 币圈快讯home Phone  numbers at any time
  • broadband technical support

FIXED PRICE PROMISE: For all introductory offers (excludes Broadband Connect), the advertised monthly broadband charge will not increase during the minimum contract term (this does not include call plans or other charges, such as call charges or call features).

6 MONTHS FREE WEEKEND CALL PLAN: Opt-in required when placing your order for Unlimited Broadband or Fibre. £0 a month for 6 months. You’ll be automatically charged the full monthly price (currently £2 a month) at the end of your free period unless you cancel. To cancel please contact our Customer Service team on 0345 600 3210 before the end of your free period. Inclusive calls a month: Unlimited landline calls (01, 02, 03 numbers) from 6pm Friday to 6am Monday. Calls to landline numbers within your inclusive calls will be charged at standard rates if they exceed 60 continuous minutes. Hang up before 60 minutes and redial to avoid incurring charges. All other calls are charged at standard rates at all times including any applicable call connection charges. Offer ends 31/01/2020. For full terms and standard rates please visit

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Choose a unlimited broadband monthly contract

12 month contract

£17.00 a month

£30 a month after 12 months

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Protect your family’s online world with 6 months FREE F-Secure SAFE

Award winning internet security with Post Office Broadband

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Add a call plan to your unlimited broadband

You can add one of the following Call plans to your unlimited broadband package at any time.

You can add a calls plan to your package at any time

Weekend Calls

Unlimited Calls to landlines (01, 02, 03 numbers) from 6pm Friday to 6am Monday.

Evening and Weekend Calls

Unlimited landline calls (01, 02, 03) all weekend, and 6pm-6am on Weekdays.


Unlimited landline calls (01, 02, 03 numbers) at any time plus 1000 minutes of any time calls to 0870 and 0845 numbers.

Anytime Plus

Unlimited landline calls (01, 02, 03 numbers) at any time plus 1000 minutes of any time calls to 0870 and 0845 numbers, 1000 minutes of any time calls to Standard Mobiles and 1000 minutes of any time calls to landlines in our Anytime Plus 15 countries.

Call mobiles or international numbers

Mobile Saver 100

100 minutes to Standard Mobiles. Great for quick calls on the go.

Mobile Saver 500

500 minutes to Standard Mobiles. Keep talking.

International Saver

Unlimited calls to landlines in our International Saver 40 countries^ plus 50% off call rates to all other countries.

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Need some help with your unlimited broadband?

Read our unlimited broadband FAQs or call our team on 0800 092 0514.

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Compare all unlimited broadband packages

Find the best Post Office Unlimited Broadband deals for your needs.

Unlimited Broadband

Our best value broadband

  • 11Mb/sec average speed
  • Ideal for browsing and downloading on a few screens
  • Includes line rental
  • £17.00 a month for 12 months. 

Unlimited Fibre Broadband

Enjoy fast fibre broadband

  • 38Mb/sec average speed
  • Great for social media and streaming on multiple screens
  • Includes line rental
  • £24.00 a month for 12 months

Unlimited Fibre Broadband Plus

Get superfast broadband

  • 67Mb/sec average speed
  • Ideal for gaming, downloading, and streaming HD TV on lots of screens
  • Includes line rental
  • £28.00 a month for 12 months

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Switching to our unlimited broadband is easy

With BT, TalkTalk, EE or Plusnet?

We'll handle the broadband switchover for you.

And cancel the broadband contract with your current provider.

Place your order in 5 minutes

Online, by phone or in-branch. You can keep your current phone number.

Open your welcome pack

We’ll send you a Wi-Fi router, your unlimited broadband account details and go-live date.

Plug in and go live

On your go-live date, plug in your router and follow the quickstart setup guide. Start enjoying totally unlimited broadband.

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Our unlimited broadband is cheaper than BTs

See how much you could save with our unlimited broadband

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Unlimited Broadband FAQs

How much can I download each month?

All Post Office Unlimited Broadband deals let you upload, download, stream and share as much as you like. Every single month. There are no usage caps, extra charges or mid-contract unlimited broadband price increases. And we won’t slow your broadband at peak times like some providers. Our traffic management policies are transparent – you can read them anytime by taking a look at our T&Cs.

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Broadband Speeds

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Small print

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Talk to us

Got questions about our unlimited broadband or need help applying online?

0800 092 0514