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Things to know before you buy

Things you need to know before you sign up for Post Office Broadband or 币圈快讯homephone


How much can I download?

We want our Broadband customers to enjoy peace of mind that they can use as much internet as they like without worrying about caps and limits. All our packages are totally unlimited; this means no usage caps, extra charges or artificially slowing your speeds down at peak time like some providers may do. We're open about our traffic management policies and have a Fair & Acceptable usage policy that applies. You can find more information on our terms and conditions here.

I’m buying broadband, how fast will my service be?

Before you join you’ll be provided a download speed estimate as a range showing you the speeds your line should be able to reach under the best possible conditions when you've got a single device connected to your Wi-Fi router with an Ethernet cable, your current speed should be close to it. This speed estimate is based on several factors, including your location, the length of your phone line to the exchange, the speed of similar lines in your area, 币圈快讯home wiring, time of day, electrical interference and how many people use your network at once. Your broadband service can also slow down a bit at other times during the evening and at weekends. Because of these factors, your actual speed may be lower than the advertised average peak time speeds or any download speed estimate we provide.

You can ask for a no obligation download speed estimate in branch, by calling us on 0800 066 0514 or by checking the speed and availability of our broadband packages at your address.

Read more about our broadband speeds.


How much do phone calls cost?

Post Office offers some of the lowest call rates. To find out how much calls cost to, mobile and international numbers, take a look at our price guide.

What if I don’t want to make any phone calls or bar outgoing calls?

You have the option to block all outgoing calls on your line to help take further control of your spend. You can do this by calling our Customer Care Line on 0345 600 3210 and ask for an outgoing call bar. You'll still be able to receive calls and call emergency numbers like 999 and 112.

I don't have a landline phone number or phone line, can I still join?

Yes you can. We offer a new line installation service for additional one-off charge (details of charges will be provided before you place your order).

An Openreach engineer will need to visit your 币圈快讯home to install your new line, and we'll arrange a convenient date and time with you when you place your order.

Can I keep my existing number?

In most cases, we can help bring your existing phone number over to Post Office – this is sometimes referred to as “Number porting”

When you place your order we'll let you know if this is possible along with the expected time frames and dates when this will be switched over by (this is normally the go live date specified in the welcome letter we send to you a few days after you join).If Post Office is unable to switch your number over by the agreed date, you might be eligible for compensation as listed in our Price Guide.

If we can't transfer your number, we’ll let you know and provide you with the option to get a new one. Our Customer support team will be in touch with you if we experience delays or unable to port your number due to network issues.

What is Caller Display?

Caller display lets you know who's calling before you answer the phone. If the caller is listed in your address book, then your phone also displays the name of the person trying to call you.From 1st Oct 2018 Caller Display will be activated on all our accounts (customers will automatically have it enabled it for free. If you do not want this feature for any reason you can easily disable it through My Account or by calling us on 0345 600 3210

*You’ll need a caller display enabled phone to use the feature, if you’re not sure please check your phone user guide. Please note that numbers are not displayed if the call is from a payphones, some phone switchboards, non-BT networks or where a caller's number is withheld.


When will my service go live?

Your order is placed when you click the Confirm Order button online (or sign the printed slip in-branch, or when you confirm that you wish to enter the agreement when placing an order with us over the phone).

We will send you a Welcome Pack with an estimated start date for your service within 5 working days of placing your order.

If you already have a working phone line at your property then in most cases you’ll be switched over within 10 working days of placing your order. If you don’t have a working phone line, or if we need to arrange a new phone line into your property or you are switching from a cable-based provider such as Virgin Media, it may take a bit longer. We will let you know when you place your order and confirm a ‘Go Live’ date so you know which date the switchover will take place.

Should I cancel my current broadband or phone service

No. If you’ve already got broadband or phone we’ll contact your current provider to make the switch. If you’re with Virgin Media, please wait until your Post Office service is up and running before you contact Virgin Media to cancel their service. That’s the best way to avoid losing your service.

Can I request special assistance as a vulnerable or disabled customer?

We do everything we can to help our vulnerable and disabled customers so whether you want us to add a nominated friend or relative as a delegated ity to your account, request a large print or braille bills at no extra charge or need any other special assistance – please call us on 0345 600 3210 to discuss your needs or find out more information here

How do I cancel my service?

You can cancel your service free of charge at any time up to 14 days after placing your order and up to 2pm on the working day before your service goes live, including where your contract has a minimum term. We will refund any charges you have paid in advance. After 2pm on the working day before your service goes live, we may be unable to stop the service transferring to us, and we may therefore have to charge you for this.

If your Go Live date has passed and your service is active, you may cancel your service at any time however you may be subject to early termination charges if your agreement has a minimum contract term. Early Termination Charges are calculated based on a monthly early termination charge multiplied by the number of months remaining of your minimum term contract. For more information, please refer to the price list available at Early Termination Charge will not apply if you cancel as a result of us making a change which is disadvantageous to you – for more information see the Post Office Broadband terms and conditions.

Whenever you cancel, you must also return any equipment we have provided to you. Where you have also cancelled an order for equipment that you have purchased from us, you must return it (undamaged and in its original packaging), following our instructions. We will refund anything you have already paid for the equipment, excluding the delivery charge, but may deduct the relevant costs where damage has occurred to the equipment and it is not in its original condition. To cancel please call us on 0345 600 3210 and have your account number ready – you can find this on your order or your bill.

† CALL CENTRE HOURS: Calls to 0345 600 3210 are free from a Post Office phone line. Standard network charges could apply if you call from any other line.

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